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News & Updates

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  • Joining Hands with GreyAtom to deliver Data Sceience cohot in North America

    Greyatom is an education technology company that conducts Bootcamp style immersive learning program for Applied Sciences - currently, focusing on Data Science. At the heart of student learning is GreyAtoms online learning platform that ensures gaining practical knowledge while learning.

    The programs will enable a learner to apply problem-solving and creative thinking to real-world data sets, gaining experience across the entire data science stack. You will use your new skills to build projects while learning new technologies on the fly.

  • Partnering with Vertex Group

    Vertex Group is a talent acquisition, workforce consulting, and staffing company in US that has served public and private organizations since 1997.

    They deliver exceptional staffing solutions for every industry, from dynamic startups to SMB and Fortune 500 companies. Joining hands with Vertex will help Pragra students to explore more opportunities in states. While the reasons for this are many, the exceptional prospects for careers in IT play a key role in drawing students to the states.

  • Partnering with Tech Mahindra

    Tech Mahindra has built pioneering systems, processes, and solutions, for enterprise clients across the globe. Pragra partnered with Tech Mahindra who aspire to be market makers, and deliver end-to-end strategies and advisory services.

    They are enabling learners to achieve new heights in the area of technology and innovation and this accelerates their journey to a digital future. Tech Mahindra has invested in developing a strategic ecosystem of partners of leading technology firms and disruptive startups.