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Join our hands in sharing your expertise, building careers and smiles to tech aspirants. Pragra provides opportunity to learn and grow as mentor join today

Benefit of joining Pragra as Mentor

Join Pragra as Mentor and start a rewarding careers. We provide range of benefits to all our mentors to expand their horizons

Flexible Schedule

Define your own schedule based on your availability. We will schedule your session based on your timing, so you do not have to disturb your routine

Learning Support

Want to explore the program offered by Pragra and Pragra partners, we provide free training to all our Mentors to ensure they are growing together with us.

Competitive Compensation

Pragra provide above market compensation to all our mentors. We value your time and we ensure that all your efforts are compensated very well

Joining Pragra as mentor was one of best decision I have taken. While sharing my experience with Pragra Learners I have also learned lot of new Tech and got amazing opportunity with Amazon.

Harun - Mentor (AWS Cloud)

Solution Architect @ Amazon

Simple 3 Step Joining Process

We have simplified process of become a Mentor with program, so you don't to go through complex steps and wait longer. join today

Fill Application & Upload Forms

We want to know more about you, just fill in relevant details in application form and upload a latest copy of resume.

Meet/Greet & Discuss

We will review your application and schedule a meet/greet session to understand your experience in details.

Welcome to Team

If we feel that there is a potential fit, We will extend the welcome package to you and start your on-boarding.

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